Thursday, March 20, 2014

Orizaba Cemetery part 1 Angels

During my little trip last Sunday, we visited the Orizaba Cemetery. Since I know that I can't resist any longer to share the pictures with you I decided to alternate parts of the trip with parts of the Cemetery, which by far was my favorite place.
I took lots of pictures with my new Camera (Fujifilm XF1), which has a toy camera function, and believe me, it was absolutely fun!.
Of course I fave them a little touch with the new actions from the girls of A Beautiful Mess, I bought The Folk Collection and couldn't be more happy for it! The result was unexpected but I completely loved it.
The before a little pale and the after with a dramatic effect.
Guiding, watching, waiting, always waiting for whom, it's hard to say, but there's beauty in the sadness too.

 This is one of the saddest tombs that I saw. It was from a little girl, and it was said that the size of the girl's sculpture was the real size of the girl when she passed. And it is also said that the Angel's wings cover her face all day from the sun lights.


  1. What's a beautiful cemetery. Beautiful images.
    xo TJ


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