Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orizaba Cemetery part 2 Peculiars

Hi guys! another installment from the little trip!, This time I'm going to share with you the peculiar tombs that we found just by chance and one that my friend wanted to show us because it's really weird. If you don't believe me, well, imagine an old, very old stone which by the way is carved. The figures on it are a fish, a man and a rabbit. Can you picture that? If not look below.

 Is in one section of the Cemetery, surrounded by other tombs, and it's known as The Giant's Tomb. My friend told us that nobody knows what this tomb was about, of course it has something to do with the old cultures before the conquest. There's also a legend which passed generation by generation in which people said that if the stone was removed, all the city would be floated and disappear forever. 
 This tomb caught my eye the moment I saw it because it doesn't have a mausoleum form, or at least not like the regulars, and i think it's really pretty.
 Next to the previous one we found this. When we saw it by distance we froze, thinking that someone forgot to bury the coffin, but when we came closer we saw that the whole tomb was the coffin. 

 We are not sure about this, but I think they were children, since there's only one date, probably the birth date.
 Also on the top it has more names with only one date, the names are also nicknames, Baba, Yaya and Yiya.
 I noticed the beauty of the flowers work on this one, but later I saw the date, it was one of the oldest tombs that we found that day, but like i said we only explored a part of the Cemetery. There most be older tombs than this one.
And last but not least, it was impossible to read who this tomb belong since what once was write on the book, time made it disappear. But I thought it would be nice to document the tomb as a memory to its forgotten owner. 

Hope you enjoy it! Did you read my post yesterday?, well I can't wait to start Explorations at Home!.

Edit: I'm Over the Moon here, the sweet Alyssa from Ten Feet Off Beale  posted my 5 basics essentials for Explorations at Home, It's my first Guest Post, you yeah, I'm pretty excited because I love her blog!


  1. What a beautiful cemetery! Great pictures :)
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks TJ, still regretting didn't see all of it!


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