Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some highlights from the weekend

My weekends are usually very calm. After a crazy week in which i have to leave my home pretty early, came back at 4pm and then sleep at least one hour after have a ridiculous lunch by myself, weekends are usually the relaxing type in which mommy dearest and I watch movies, have lunch together, and relax.
So when something affects dramatically my quiet ritual, of course I have to write a little bit about it.
* Friday was a stay at home kind of day since the medicine I was ingesting for the horrible flu that i got were affecting me in not a good way.
* Kenjiato got a shower that evening since he deserved it so well. Not a big deal but i got a new way to shower him which was way much easy and he really liked it.
* My best friend sent me a message asking me if we would take Kenji to the vet for his grooming, but since I already gave him a shower I told her no, so she asked me if we could go to the movies, and of course I said yes. Spend time with my bestie is always great.
* Saturday morning, i woke up pretty early, which if you know me, it's so weird, but I had to get ready for the movies.
* James (best friend) arrived at the hour she said and mommy dearest made breakfast for us!
* To the movies we went, and 300 we saw. OMG! can we be more in love with the movie, we laughed a lot because it was the first movie that we went to see not for the hot men that appear on it but for the women! We totally love Lena Headey and Eva Green.
* Eva Green in her character was totally awesome (more of the movie probably next monday)
* I found the perfect hard shaped sun glasses and I was beyond happiness for it.

* Back at home for more gossip and interchange of opinions about the movie we found Lena Headey's instagram, and I started to follow (i was already a twitter follower of her)
* Took silly pictures because from time to time we do that.

* By night, mommy dearest and I saw a pretty movie, the hallmark kind of movie.
* Sunday i woke up pretty late, which was so great, and i was feeling so much better with the new medicine.
* Mom and I spent all afternoon knitting like spiders :)
* I left a silly comment on one of Lena Headey's pictures, asking if the dream catcher that you posted was bought or hand made and she actually answer me!!!! of course i took a screen shot and sent her to besties and they were so happy and James said  "Our idol answered you!" which made me smile.

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