Saturday, April 12, 2014

100 Happy Days 77-87

Once more, here I am to share with you a few pictures of moments or things that made me happy during this challenge, it would be over next week, during my spring break which started yesterday at 2:30pm -time when I went out of work-. I'm already planing and editing a little book with all the pictures that i took during the challenge, but I would talk and share more about it when it's done. For now here is one of the last installments of the challenge.

I came back from my class and found this cutie waiting for me, the note was from Professor Emilia, who wrote "Kisses and hugs" a little part of the "maƱanitas" the mexican song that would be like the "happy birthday", and then she wrote "I wish you that you can accomplish all your goals and you always have happiness in your life" isn't that sweet?
 At 5:50am mommy dearest came to my bedroom and told me "you should take a picture of me because i look great with my new haircut" of course i did it.
 Playing with this cutie, can't wait to finish the film and develop it
 Bestie Little Star came to visit me and brought my niece cat Elula! love them both
 Bought this book, which I started the same day since I loved the movie so much
 Made my month video, and it was really cool, so many memories and great things during March!
 Usually I don't smile like this in pictures, but this was my eight attempt of taking a picture that day thanks to Kenji who kept moving like crazy to get my attention, I laughed so hard thank to him.
 The nutcracker and I were still deciding if we took of the christmas tree or not (mommy dearest did it at the end without our consent)
 Thankful for soft toilet paper since my nose was in pain thanks to the flu
 Her concern face after the cough attacked me big time!
 Still couldn't taste food, but I was grateful for something fresh.


  1. Love that turquoise camera! New follower! Alex

    1. Thank you! I've been a follower of your blog for a while now and I love your style so much!


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