Tuesday, April 22, 2014

100 Happy Days 88-100

You guys! It's over, and like i said, i decided to star #myhappyproject, which totally is helping me to keep focus and enjoying every day simple pleasures! Accidentally I deleted the entry about it so I'm going to tell you the essential. #myhappyproject is just like 100 Happy days without the 100 days, just take a picture daily of something that make me happy that day, no matter what.
For how long then? well I'm planning to do it for the rest of the year probably, or keep it as long as I need it. Not as a challenge, but as a healthy routine.
That said, this is the last lot of pictures of the 100 Happy Days challenge, so here we go:
The pretty tickets the day we went to the theatre
 Soft and warm fur, that's how i like my fur, not hanging in my closet.
 Chocolate bunny just for me!
 Not that I eat jam a lot, but this tinny jars are so, so cute, that i couldn't resist.
 I got my Merriment CD the day after the album was released, couldn't be more happy about that!
 He wants to stole the corn momma bought for me, i did't give him a single bite, it was spicy!
 Giving some fun to my hair
 The pinkish i can get without bleaching my poor hair
 This lazy cat, he didn't wake up, not even when i pull him up!
 Not every day you can see her green eyes in a picture, isn't she gorgeous?
 Found the perfect bag, the perfect boots, and finally i got an Ipad Mini!!!!!
 Momma is crocheting a blouse for me :)
My mom made the most delicious food for us, here she is, (my last picture of the project) enjoying the food!

I'm still on vacation mode, so I guess the blog is going to be a little lonely since I'm working on one of the art journal classes from www.classeskaramade.com, "Play that song", i would show you a little bit of the journal soon, I'm enjoying this class so much! Have a nice week!


  1. Thank you for stopping by, and for you kind words :)


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