Sunday, April 13, 2014

101 in 1001 update: three awesome presents for my birthday!

Hi guys!
Another Wednesday came, and I'm not doing any book review this week. Remember that I've been sick with the flu and the cough? well, that seriously made me lazy in my readings. I'm still stuck with On the Road and On Magazine Street, thank God spring break is coming and I'm going to be able to rest and read as much as I want.
But today let us focus in the little update I'm making to the 101 in 1001 list.

Start: November 22, 2013

End: August 19, 2016

101 things to do in 1001 days

47.  Give myself a cool present for my birthday during 101/1001 (3/3)
This one was totally awesome, since I not only got one cool present for myself, but three, it also involves two others from the list.
63.  Make my pinhole camera and fill two films (0/2) (Originally i wanted to buy a toy camera and fill two films, so changed this since I got a two Toy Cameras)
73.  Buy an DLSR camera (Bought a Fujifilm XF1 instead of a DLSR)

72.  Buy Perma LpMerrimentthe honey trees and Cardboard kids
I bought Perma LP a little while now, but the Merriment album was a birthday present, so there you have, three awesome presents for my birthday.

81.  Write a letter to my best friend every month (0/33) (Visit my best friend)

82.   Host a theme party (Dress up for my birthday)
97. Make new traditions for my birthday.
Usually I spend the day on my pjs, so this year I wanted to wear clothes, regular clothes, also I spent the day with my bestie, which is also weird, since I prefer to be alone that day.

93.  Go on a road trip with my mom


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