Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And finally i got it!

Hey guys!!
I'm on vacation time!!! I have to work next monday but still i have this week and most of the next one free! So probably i'm not going to post as regularly as i've been doing, or probably i'm going to post more, who knows, but after recovering from the flu and that awful cough, i'm intending to clean and organize my bedroom (FINALLY!!!) starting tonight, yes tonight since i'm work so much better at night.
But before i wanted to share a little something, usually i don't buy lots of things, probably most of my money goes to apps or music or books, so buying shoes is totally a big deal for me, well today i not only bought shoes, i found the perfect purse and finally decided to invest on something that is going to give my back a rest.
The last months i've been carrying my laptop from home to work and viceversa, but even when is a small one (11') carrying a huge bag means that i fill the bag with everything that comes to my mind, and the bag turns so heavy that i started to suffer back pain, to the point i started to wear a kind of corssett to keep me straight. This brought release in some way, still not enough. So i did it, i bought finally an Ipad mini!! I wanted a simple tablet, but seriouly, loving so much my ipod 4th and then the 5th generation, i totally hated my cellphone (a samsumg galaxy) to the point that i gave it to mommy dearest. Android (not offense here) is just simply not for me. So a regular tablet would bring me so much conflict, so the Ipad Mini was my first and only choice. 
Now is time to clean and add some apps to my new treasure!

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