Sunday, April 6, 2014

And to the Theater we went...

The morning came, not an ordinary morning since I had to wake up pretty early for a Saturday, and after a well deserved shower, and gave Kenjiato a more deserved shower, mommy dearest and I had a quick breakfast and then the show started. 
Saturdays are the typical day in which I stat at home, in which I only move my lazy body for a shower and put a clean pajama, that's the only thing I wear usually in a Saturday.
Yesterday...yesterday was the exception. Yesterday was different, magical, musical! It started a few days ago, when my mom asked me if I would like to go to the Theater. Usually I say no, not because I don't like the Theater, but most of the shows are quite late, and since we don't have a car, and we must take two buses to down town -where the two principal theaters of the city are- it's a little difficult for us go to a show let's say at 8pm or 9pm, since if the show last 2 or 3hrs, we probably would lost the second bus, since they stop working at 11pm., and taxis are quite expensive to my house.
But this time was different, the show, the first show was at 4pm, so when she said the word "Chicago" I didn't think twice and said yes.
I love Chicago, I used to have the soundtrack cd, and the dvd, and probably I saw the movie 20 times or more. I know the songs, and there was a time when i was younger, that I used to make the choreography as exercise even when I was terrible!. Here I have to mention that it was a student production and a co-worker was part of the cast, he was Mary Sunshine and kindly offered us tickets, so we were very thankful.

So after breakfast, be made ourselves mom pretty as usual, me...presentable, not without goofing around looking how much my hair grew the last couple of weeks since the last time I measured.

We were ready on time, but not as I would love to be, since I wanted to eat something first, and take a couple of shoots before arrive to the theater, which I only did in one block. 

And since mommy dearest was so hungry, we got some fries at the McDonalds that is 3 blocks from the theater and when we arrived there was a line already. Here I must say that instead of take as many pictures as I would like, we went directly to find seats, a shame because the theater is simply gorgeous, but we had the great luck to sit in the box next to the presidential box -which used the press- and of course we had an amazing view. I never been in a box before, usually we go to the General part (fourth floor) and once as a kid, I was lucky enough to be just in front of the stage, which I don't recommend since by the end your neck is really hurting. 
 Love pretty chandeliers, and these ones are so pretty!!

 And of course mommy dearest looking so lady like with her fan

Mary Sunshine!!!

 And just because he deserves it, another one of Mary Sunshine!

*Note: some pics were took with my ipod since it was more practical, and other with my fujifilm, edited with vscocam and a beautiful mess actions, the folk collection 

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