Friday, April 4, 2014

Favorites on Friday: Merriment and Orizaba Part 2

My sweets! Good day, my throat hurts less and finally I can breath!!!! yes yes, that makes me so happy. Last night I could sleep all night without waking up every single hour for the cough. So today I'm going to share with you not one but two pretty things. First since it's Friday and I usually share pretty music with you on Friday, here's what is making my heart singing lately. This amazing group finally is going to release their full album on April 8th and I can not wait to hold it in my hands, Christie voice is as dreamy as her sisters and I simply love them!

I can't believe I almost finish to share all the pictures I took on my little trip (except for the Holga ones, but still need to finish that film). During our time in Orizaba, we visited the Iron Palace, in which there are three little museums. The one on the first floor is a Beer's museum, which I loved, is so small that it's practically an exhibition in one big room and a little room. Mostly pictures and some ingredients of the beer, oh and almost forgot, my favorite beer of all (yes, still sad because I didn't taste the butterbeer yet)

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