Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorites on Friday: Merriment

Probably if you read last week post you already know about this, probably you never hear about them, and probably, if you are the lucky ones like me, you are already in possession of this beauty. I pre-ordered my CD a couple of weeks ago, it was Friday, that I recall perfectly well because my bestie Little Star came to visit me with Elula, my niece cat. I was happy, and even more happy when I received a link where I could download the promo song, Backwards, isn't that great?
Anyway, last Wednesday (April 8th) was the album release, and OMG, even when they kindly shared their album on SoundCloud, and I've been listening non-stop, I was happy, so happy for them because they are an awesome band, and I was even more happy when I got the email with the link to download the full album, since it came with your purchase of the CD. Totally Awesome!!!
So of course I downloaded the album, of course I continued to listening non-stop, and yesterday...oh my, yesterday was even better because yesterday -just a day after its release- I got this gem. Here I must mention this, I wasn't expecting a big deal since, ok is a CD, but the art on it it was totally gorgeous. The booklet not only has pretty pictures but the lyrics!! yes yes that made me even more happy, so seriously guys, do yourself a favor, and get this masterpiece because is totally worthy, so dreamy and magical!!!

Note: only blurry pictures for you since it would be unfair to post the complete awesomeness of this beauty, so go and get it! So if you don't believe me, just listen to them!

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