Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Instagram Challenge + Orizaba Part 1

Another month came and went. One moment you are waiting with anticipation a special date for you, feel anxious, and then you realize that day is no longer here, it's over, and now you have to focus on something else, until next year, until the next important date for you.
Finished another instachallenge, another small accomplish, but i'm still sad, less than 20 days for the 100 happy days to finish, i'm even considering on do it again, for another 100 days, or just continued, because let's be honest, daily routine could be soul sucker!, and this little reminder, a reminder to find something, no matter how simple, something that make me happy daily, that's what life is all about, isn't it?.

The last day, yesterday, was to share someone who i love, i posted a picture of myself, a little self center probably, but it's ok to love yourself, that must be something that you never forget. 
Another particular thing about this picture is that i'm fully smiling. Usually you see me with my lips pierce together, or in a crocked smile, but never really smiling. This picture was my eight attempt, the others were to blurry, and out of focus because Kenji was acting crazy, you know moving like a warm, hitting me with his paws, messing around, and i couldn't help but smile to his crazy attempts to caught my attention.

I should smile more, fully smile, at least in pictures. April is going to be a challenging month. Today i started the #1800minuteschallenge, and with it a series of things are coming too. Not drinking soda for 3 whole months, and probably i'm going to start reading the book that recommended us a co-worker, in which you don't have to complain and don't criticize other or gossip around for 21 days.
But for reward, I'm starting Explorations at home, and I can't wait to see my Holga and Diana-mini pictures. Also i'm going to work in another project with the camera that James gave me. 
Veronica Varlow shared a Tarot horoscope reading, and what said about my sign, inspired me. You should check your sign. But at the end of the reading she posted a question to every single sign. The questions are different from one another. I'm Aries of course, and this is my question:

How can you inspire others this coming month through sharing something you are passionate about?

How appropriate, don't you think?
So let me share with you the -almost- last pictures of my little trip
In Orizaba, we parked the car a few blocks from downtown, it's hard to find a spot, specially during church service, so we walked a couple of blocks to the Iron Palace. This bridge caught my attention, like no other. in the middle of the city, the river pass, since it's not rain season, the level is almost non-existent, but last year there was a horrible flotation in the city. It's quite scary to live so close to a river, even when in these pictures look so peaceful.


  1. I lovr your close up teddy bear and the statue photos the best! Sounds like an interesting challenge. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it in the future ;)

    You absolutely should love yourself! Always! You're stuck with yourself forever, so why not be friends with your inner YOU?

    Oh you read Veronica's blog too? I love it! I love her Magic Monday posts especially.

    1. Thanks girl, instagram challenges are fun, i do the ones from @theidearoom
      Veronica Varlow is a goddess!, i love her since i went to Emilie Autumn first concert here in Mexico, and started follow her on fb and twitter. Magic Mondays are my favorite too!

  2. Hi Dulce, looks like you had a lovely trip there! I've always wanted to try an Instagram challenge but I always forget to do it from the start of the month! :) xx hugs xx

    1. Oh you should try them, people tent to catch up when they start a little late, and it's really fun!

  3. Love these monthly instagram challenges! Such pretty pictures!
    xo TJ


    1. thanks girl! instagram challenges are the best!


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