Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My new Rosetti handbag

Guys, seriously spring clean is not my thing, this bedroom has not end, so many things, and even when I'm trying my best to get rid of things that I don't use, there's more and more, last night I even had to sleep on the floor because my bed is full with things from the drawers!.
Anyway, today I'm here to share with you a little bit more of my new bag, just because this beauty deserves a special post. So first let me tell you one thing, I'm not a brand kind of girl, usually I use whatever purse, bag, or even messenger that came my way. Mom is the one who most of the time bought them for me, and I use them because since she invested money on them would be rude not doing it, but most of the time, I can go with the same purse/bag/messenger for a long time, and never complain about it, not even if it's scratchy or the zipper doesn't work properly anymore.
Guess that's why the big deal with this bag, the perfect color, the perfect size and the perfect number of compartments! But instead of tell you, let me show you. I loved the braided detail!
and the little form as a belt 
 It has two pockets, one on the front and one on the back, which i love because that way i can find my keys easily
The front one came also with a little pocket and a little purse!

 perfect for coins and ID or debit or credit cards
 the back pocket is simple but with enough space for little notebooks and pens 
The middle pocked has also three compartments, one on which would be the back side with a zipper
 and two behind the front pocket perfect for my ipod since i don't have a cellphone.
 And the space is just so right for my Ipad, Kindle and even more things, like my glasses or make up bag

 And just for fun, here's the bag that I take with me to work, of course with my laptop and so many things that it's really heavy, i fill it completely, so now you have a better idea why the pain in my back came.

Like I said, i'm not a brand girl, but this little fellow is just so perfect for me, the right color combination, the right compartments, size and is so cute!

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