Thursday, April 3, 2014

Orizaba Cemetery Part 3: The Creepiest and some regulars

Hey guys! I'm here today to share with you last pictures that I took at the Orizaba cemetery, of course I took lots but not all them are worthy to share. Anyway, the #1800minutechallenge started and I'm doing ok, even with the flu and the horrible cough that I got. I guess I need vitamins or something since it's the second time that I got the flu in the month (well it started on march 30th, and I had it two weeks before that), but back to the challenge, I've been doing Pilates, I'm planning to show you how this challenge went to the end of it, and NO SODA!!! for two whole days, that's progress!!!!
But now let me tell you a little things about the pictures. Yesterday I shared with you one of the creepiest that I took, and why it freaked me out. Here's the complete view:
 The Angel's pose could be took as an "oops" kind of joke because the other statue lost its head, which of course is not, but that was what I thought when I saw it.

This one in particular could not be as creepy until you notice the little army of saints, all dressed (painted) in the same color, and the same attitude.
I'm sure there most be more creepy treasures around the place, I must go back there some day. The next ones are some of the regulars.

 I took this picture because I loved the dried flowers inside but then I noticed something more, the date. February 24th is my older brother's birthday!, weird, isn't it?

Something you must notice is how crowded and colorful the cemeteries are here in Mexico. and no matter how abandoned look some tombs, there are others which are always clean and well preserved.

And of course the view! the view was so worthy, that I totally loved the place!

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