Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Orizaba part 3

Hey guys!
I'm here with another part of the little trip, and sadly is the last one. The Iron Palace, what a beautiful place. On the second floor there are two museums, which are really a contrast since the one on the left side (just walking from the stairs) is a "technology" museum, and the one on the right side has an exhibition of the old cultures, pieces that were found on the zone. So to the left we went first:
Momma posing of course
My hips don't lie, I need to exercise more!
 Not the most comfortable bed I guess

Did you see how scary James is for the "terminator"? even mom didn't dare to move

And then to the right

 Don't let that face fool you, she couldn't notice the face in the stone
 neither do I :(
 The ceramic, obsidian and jade pieces were beautiful

 And the view!

well, probably not all of it

This is a side of the Iron Palace.
 And silly us!

There's nothing more to say about this little trip of mine, except it was fun, it was amazing, and super special since I went with three of my favorite people in the world and I'm very grateful for that!.
Even when we ended up pretty tired, but we came back to life after drinking Cordoba delicious coffee.


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