Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reading Nook

Hey guys! Tuesday, I don't know you, but there's something about Tuesdays that i really like, don't ask why because probably I'm not going to be able to give you a clear explanation, but like i said, i really, really like Tuesdays! 
During my brief absence the last two weeks, I finally clean my bedroom. For most of you this would sound like not big deal, but believe me, my bedroom was in such state that was almost impossible to walk in. I'm not sure why it can't stay clean, I mean, it start with little things, then something that i don't like about it and want to change, then i start a project and forget about it, and when i realize, Total Mess!! 
Spring break meant spring clean, so finally after hours and more hours, two garbage bags later, the bedroom was as it never was before, because i really love it! Other times i was pretty proud of my work on it, but this time is different, this time i truly love it!
Since there's a lot to see in this very small room, i've even wrote something like "this bedroom is insanely full of details that makes my brain to exploit". Since there's a lot to see, i'm going to divided in two posts or more. Today let us start with my reading nook.

The blanket is the one that i crocheted last year, the fabric kitty was a present and i totally love it!
 Pictures that i found on the internet that I felt in love with, except for the rose one, that's one of Lauro's roses.
 I felt totally in love with the movie Bright Star, so of course Keats poem must be on my bedroom
 The A is for mommy dearest and the D for me, my sweet tea pot  and one of my favorite books of all times, My Hearts Wander

 I added a Mirror just for look the reflection of the fairy lights while I'm reading.
Well, hope you like it, because I'm in love!


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