Thursday, April 10, 2014

Through Back Thursday on Film: The Monkeys Island

The last couple of days, thanks to the horrible bug that doesn't want to go, my reading was affected. I've been trying with all my heart to read On the Road and On Magazine Street, but like I said between the pills that made me sleepy and the need of rest, I didn't read at all. Thankfully Spring Break is coming so I'm going to be able to catch up with the books, and probably read a couple more!.
Today I'm going to share more pictures of the treasure box that I found a couple of weeks. In Veracruz, a state on the Gulf of Mexico coast, there's a place, a magic place called Catemaco. When I said magic, I'm talking literally since this place is famous for the warlocks and witches that live here. They do love spells and clean the body of bad vibes, they make potions, and other stuff. I didn't had the opportunity to visit them, because the reason why I went to Catemaco was for a school project (when I was a student!). 
In Catemaco there's a huge lake, and in some point there's a natural reservation which is where our project was focused. On the way to that place, there's an Island called the Monkeys' Island, which got its name because apparently a couple of monkeys which were part of an experiment or something were liberated there.
The Island is not so big, or at least what we could see, and they got plenty food -which you could notice since they were kind of fat-. Nowadays I couldn't tell if the monkeys are still there, if they are the same but it was worthy to share.
My first travel on boat, and the view...Oh dear, it was so peaceful, so beautiful, and the monkeys, I wish I could touch one of those pretty ones, but it wasn't safe, and as you would see the boat didn't get too close for security matters. 

Note: Pictures were posted as they are, not altered in any way. 

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