Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Legion / Book Review

I remember the time, even when I can't recall the exact date, but i remember this, it was during a break, probably winter or spring break, because I remember that it was almost over, and after reading two more books, i decided to read the one my best friend borrowed me. I remember starting the book the saturday night, and left it all sunday because it was family day, but around 9 pm, I took it back, and couldn't stop reading it. That night i didn't sleep. It was 5 am when I finished, too late to go to bed since i usually woke up at that time for school, so i went to take a shower, still thinking about the book.
I can't tell you why it caused me such an impact, but it did.
A few days later I saw the movie, and the same happened. It wasn't the most scary thing in the world, but certainly left me uneasy. I only read the book once, and saw the movie once, i must clarify, until now.
After reading The exorcist a couple of days ago, I knew the next book on my list must be Legion.
One by one the bizarre murders frustrate and torment Lt. Kinderman , the homicide detective from "The Exorcist". — A boy, crucified;A priest, decapitated; another priest slain;a nurse,slaughtered — All bear the Zodiac mark of the Gemini Killer. — BUT ... the Gemini Killer has been dead for 12 years! — Lt. Kinderman stalks the brutal and elusive killer down the dark streets. Until ,finally, in desperation he dares to cross the boundary that seperates the living from the dead

Here I must be totally fair, the book is not as scary as the exorcist, and the story is not so great, i mean the murders are quite bizarre, but the main character, Lt. Kinderman is not as charismatic as Father Karras, from the previous book, and all the books he kept making these questions about God. His deductions at times could be quite boring, and I wasn't so sure why the book caused me such an impact when I was younger.
Good points about the book could be like i said the murders, because they quite disturbing, and the end, definitely the end because it's so disappointing and you keep wondering that was all?, but if you think carefully, the author let open a door for possibilities which is the disturbing part.
I would recommend the book if you are a fan for old books, and if you are truly fan of the exorcist, even when the only common thing in the book are Lt. Kinderman, Father Dyer, and I won't say more.

But here's the disturbing part. Ok, remember that I'd been sharing pictures of my little trip to Cordoba, specially the Cemetery on Orizaba. Well, when I was taking pictures on it, we went to some part and I felt instantly attracted by a scene. I told my friends "This is freaking me out because in some way i feel like i saw this before". James call me crazy, Rafael asked me where, but I couldn't recall where exactly, until a few days later.
After reading Legion, of course i needed to watch the movie, Big time!, so i did it. There's when i noticed what freaked me out at the cemetery.
From the movie:
From the cemetery:
Even when in the movie the hands are open, the Sacred Heart is there in both images! Creepy right?


  1. Oh man, the exorcist movie terrifies me!! I can't watch it without getting goosebumps! At the same time, that's the beauty of how brilliant the movie is. I think the book will just scare me even more! Hahah

    1. I know! even when you are covering your eyes, you just can't stop watching it! The book was great too.


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