Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Instagram Challenge + My Happy Project 1-10

April, oh sweet April, you went, and with you another instachallenge was over, and in my face, you left a smile, a smile that shows satisfaction, proud, because once more, I'd been able to accomplish another simple, but still fun challenge.

There was more Manta in this challenge, my girl is letting me take more pictures of her, glad for that. Also ten sweet moments from My Happy Project.
 Can you see his little fangs while he smiles? sweet boy of mine, or was it sweet child of mine?
 "Play that song" by Classes Kara Made, I've been enjoying it so much!
 My First Time tasting macaroons, oh my, i'm in trouble, i need to learn how to do them, soon!!!
 A sweet lady came to work with one of this delicious doughnuts for my co-workers and myself, amazing detail from strangers, are always so welcome, restoring my faith in humanity.
 During my bedroom-cleaning-marathon i had to camp on the living room, of course the silly Kenji thought it was party time, so we had pajama party!
 So weird that he pose for the camera, specially like this, he's not the pretties, but certainly is the cutest! 
 During the cleaning, after the vanity was ready
 Wet hair is always so good, specially after a long day of cleaning and lots of dust in poor hair!
 He wasn't happy for his haircut, but it's being so hot here, and finally i can see those pretty brown eyes of him.
Did I mentioned how hot has been? well, this is how we relax on hot days, just in front of the fan, in a not so decent position :) this boy has not decorum at all! 

In other news, long weekend for me, since monday is a free day of work, oh and yesterday my vinyl from the new album of The Honey Trees arrived, omg I still can't even describe with words how I feel about it, but a post is coming pretty soon. Have a lovely weekend!

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