Friday, May 2, 2014

Document Your Life: April and some of my favorite posts

April came in a rush and went in a flash, was it good to you? Because certainly was good to me, even with all the ups and downs, after all, that's how life is anyway.
During April i got the worst flu and cough ever, totally horrible, with a few complications. But even with that, i was able to enjoy a wonderful musical, and only had to go outside once for a cough attack.
April brought too the dreamy music of Merriment in the sweet for of a CD, so worthy that I've been listening non-stop.
It brought too my well deserved Spring Break, in which i did not much except cleaning my bedroom and make it look pretty, also my hair turned a dark pink.
April was fun and i was totally amazed when my vintage camera arrived (more of this soon), still I must end the film but I'm taking it with my in my explorations at home.
By the end of the month what i thought it would take longer arrived, the beautiful book Little Treasures Made By Hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk. I've been wanting this books for a while, thought it would be the perfect present for mommy dearest.
So here's April's video, just a few glimpses of joy, also poor Kenji was suffering for the crazy heat (even when i left a fan on for them), so we took him to cut his fur! He looks like Falkor from the Never ending Story :)

Also, during the last weeks I've been saving my favorite post for you, I'm sure that probably you read them but if for a miraculous chance you don't follow these amazing women, let me share with you these darling posts, so worthy!
* Let's stop hurting ourselves by Lyzi from Being Little, such a beautiful words from this honest and amazing girl.

* Being Enough by Pia Jane Bijkerk wonderful insight from the fears and thoughts of a first time mother, but I think it's not only for mothers, this post is for every single women who most of the time instead of appreciate the time, keeps wondering if she's enough, highly recommended to read girl!

And last but not least, I waited until the the four parts were on, because seriously, this is the most fantastic posts I've read in a while. Veronica Varlow shared such a fantastic ways to help ourselves to be the better us we can be. 

Part 1: I was slowly killing myself... shares four questions that are really worthy to take your time and answer as best and honest as you can. Start with Who are you? and ask you to share you background story.

I seriously recommend to answer all Veronica's questions, it's so worthy, and sometimes we just have to take our time to figure it out what we really want, if we are doing what we really love, and who we are, I mean we know we are, but sometimes for stress, for being in a relationship, for try to make others happy, we forgot about ourselves. Take your time, do it for yourself, you won't regret it.

*Note: The three pictures on the post are from the original posts, not mine so the credits go to the people mentioned there. 

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