Thursday, May 22, 2014

Explorations at Home: Alley Behind KFC (Abandoned Places)

Downtown is full with Alleys, and what's even more sad, with abandoned places to which i can't have access. The previous house, while caused me a little curiosity, it was pretty obvious that there wasn't much to see, since from the outside you could see the trees inside it, and the fact that there was no roof anymore. 
This one was different. You could see the metal roof, so the rooms below most be complete in some way or another. The darkness in the windows shows that probably there must be something inside, maybe old furniture, long time forgotten. 
I keep wondering what's behind that little door, if people once came to that little balcony and saw their front neighbor since there's not a pretty view in front the place, still, i totally felt in love with that door.
What mysteries are behind those bars, surrounded by darkness.

This is the house on the other side of the alley, and as you can see, there's no roof on it, is a bigger house, with trees inside it, and no way to go inside either.

On this part of the house there's still a piece of rood, but there's no door or windows that keep the mysteries from the place.

And a piece of Alley art:


  1. I love places like this! Old buildings have always had a pull on me

    1. I know, there's a house in a corner that i used to see when i was little and it always fascinated me, still does, abandoned and lonely, i always wondered how many secrets hide inside it.


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