Sunday, May 18, 2014

Explorations at Home: The Bell Square (Abandoned Places)

Downtown, who doesn't love downtown in all places. There's something about downtown that every time you go there, you find something new. In most places, downtown is always busy, new commerce, the cathedral usually is there, same as the most important buildings. 
While I was walking in one of the parallel streets, I remember about a little square where from time to time you could see some event. I don't know how old this alley is, or how long the Bell Square has, but the structure reminds me to the old Veracruz, the one where probably my grandma used to walk as a kid, same as my mother. 

This picture in particular amazed me, how nature is taking back what it was stolen year ago, how wonderfully sad looking at this place, this abandoned place, and see that little tree growing free. I would love to see inside that building, stand in one of those little balconies. 

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