Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorites on Friday: The Honey Trees-Bright Fire

My love story with The Honey Trees is very simple, I can't recall how I discovered them, but totally loved them the instant their music hit my hears. The mix of magic and nostalgic, the dreamy and the fairy tale kind of sounds went directly from my ears to my heart. It was love at first sound, I was hypnotized by the melodic and sweet voice of Becky.
So of course, after a long wait and anticipation, I was absolutely excited the moment they announced the release of their first LP, Bright Fire.
on march 21 they open their site for pre-orders, I couldn't help myself and went immediately to pre-order my copy.
Here I must clarify that when the release date arrived, I was a little...well upset is not a proper word, but I was kind of disappointed because the same date was the release of Merriment album, and I received an email with the link to download my digital copy that very day. And since my order from the Honey Trees came also with a digital download, well, I was bummed for not being able to download my copy in that moment.
Anyway, the worst and awesome thing happened the very next day when my Merriment CD arrived and I saw on twitter that the orders from THT were already arriving. In that moment an email came, telling me that my order was sent that very day. So of course I made a sad comment, wondering why others had already their product and mine was sent that day.
And guess what? Jacob himself answered me telling he was sorry for the delay, but Becky and himself were sending the packages alone! OMG they were doing all the hard work, so of course I said that in that case I would wait as long as it take.
Well 20 days passed and finally was here! I was a little bit worry since the first 250 copies would be signed, and I thought what if they sent first the 250 and I wasn't one of them?, but I took that thought out of my mind and told myself it didn't matter, since the music itself was more than enough.
Huge surprise when I opened the package and i notices the golden characters, they were numbers, and the number 8 came rushing to my brain! and then I saw the signatures! and of course I may or may not scream a little for it.

The whole album is so dreamy that I've been dividing my hearing between THT and Merriment. So gorgeous music, and so worthy!. You can hear a little bit of their music here, and if you want to purchase the whole album go here, really worthy!!!! 

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