Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Recap

Happy Mother's Day!, I know the date is different depending in which Country are you, still, Happy Day. Here in Mexico we celebrate Mother's day the 10th. There's one thing you must know, I'm the kind of person who loves to stay at home, watch TV and be lazy in general, specially weekends when I don't have to work. Mommy dearest is totally the contrary, of course she enjoys stay at home, and watch TV and so on, but also she loves to go out, and spend hrs and hrs in stores, looking trinkets, and just be out.
Last night when I was going to bed she said "you gave me the best present today, your time" because I spent hrs, and I mean hrs out!. Also I bought her this pretty blanket (she chose it)

First we went to down town for breakfast, in plain hot and with the horrible traffic, but I kept my temper cool, and just relaxed reminding myself it's her day, let her enjoy it. Usually in situations like this I would be in terrible mood and would return home immediately, but I didn't.
Then we went to the store that she totally love, four floors of trinkets and more trinkets, I adore that store too, even when my poor feet were killing me after three hrs of been there.

Such a lady in a woman chair!

 Blue sky, blue ocean
And I found my old friend, the Unicorn!!!

 And finally we were hungry and went for Pizza, thank God there's a pizza place in front of the pretty store!
My favorite picture of the day:
I totally loved the blouse she crocheted for me, and just in case you are curious, here's a better pic of it:

I'm so grateful for her, have a lovely Sunday and enjoy those who are dear in your heart!

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