Monday, May 19, 2014

A Love Song For Bobby Long / Movie Review

It happens right? You saw a movie and totally loved it, and then you read it was based in some book, and of course you want to read the book, and of course you have some expectations. As you may or may not noticed, when there's a movie and book that i watched and read, I made the review together, but then the book is quite different from the movie, I prefer do the review separately. This is the case.

A Love Song for Bobby Long was released in 2004, John Travolta, Scarlett Johansson, and Gabriel Macht starring this film. The story focused on Purslane Hominy Will, an eighteen year old teenage and two peculiar characters, Bobby Long and Lawson Pines, an ex-professor and his ex-assistant, who dedicate most of their time to drink and smoke, and quote books and remembering or avoiding to remember their past.
The story begins with a funeral, Lorraine's funeral, Purslane's mother, who was a jazz singer, and had lots of mental and drink and drugs problems, that was the reason why she had to send away her own daughter. The girl came to the funeral, but she arrives too late. There's one thing, she has to live one year in the house that was Lorraine's, sharing it with Bobby and Lawson. 

Things weren't easy at the beginning of course, but little by little, these three started to help each other, making that Purslane get interesting in books, and helping her to went back to school. Before they notices, they became a bizarre family, but a family still. 

The end of the story is by far one of my favorites, because not only Purslane learns more about her mother, her origin, and herself. Bobby Long's life changes too, same as Lawson. 

If you have the chance to watch this movie, do it, the soundtrack is awesome too, particularly two songs, that are "Lorraine's" songs. The book on the other hand...well, let just wait till Wednesday and read the review :)

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