Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Happy Project 11-20

Saturday, I really enjoy Saturday, in a couple of hrs I'm going to see my bestie, and probably we're going to the movies, even when I would love to stay in bed a little longer, I want to see her, and have a good chat and watch something light and fun. I've been feeling not quite myself lately, guess I must shake this sensation and enjoy the simple things. 

My sweet girl wanted to sleep on the Ipad, oh well, who can blame her?

A nice package arrived!

Looking gorgeous even if the photo is upside down

These two melt my heart every time I came from work and they sleep with me

Another sweet package arrived!

Crocheting a dream catcher

Grainy picture of this silly boy

He  loves to take grandma's place in bed when she goes to the bathroom 

Reading this precious book before give it to Mom (shhhh don't tell her)

Experiments in the kitchen that turned pretty tasty 

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