Monday, May 26, 2014

My Happy Project 21-30

Monday, gray and cloudy Monday. This week is going to be full of excitement, I'm going to take the kids on a trip, Six Flags is waiting for us next Friday, and I'm intending to enjoy this time and take as many pictures as I can. 
Last Friday, after a very weird week, and already knowing what was coming, I felt sick. Urinary infection once more, so of course, after an hour of pain, and two pills of disgusting antibiotics and other can't remember for what it is, I started to feel better. I can't drink soda, or bottle juice, but I guess we should talk about this in other post.
Today let us focus in Happy things, those little moments that I share on Saturday, let us forget that usually on Mondays I share a movie and aloud me to fill this post with precious moments for me as a reminder of all those blessings I have in my life. 

These two always make me snap a picture whenever they share the bed.

Two of the best friends I could have in the world!

My sweet momma on Mother's Day!

That precious tongue has a heart shape most of the time.

Calico fur, fur and more fur. My lucky charm.

Some flowers that I bought for my mom on Mother's day, still looking pretty. 

Love when this silly uses my foot as a pillow. 

To the movies we went and had a lovely time. The other woman we saw and omg Nikolaj was so handsome!!!

Currently reading this gem.

A couple of years ago, a student from the first generation i taught, gave me this plant, every single year it gives me these pretty flowers :)

Have an awesome week!!!

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