Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Little Loft

Finally I'm here to share with you the last part of my Bedroom Tour. I think I need to clarify an important point here. I'm pretty sure that I wrote about this in other posts, but guess is necessary to mention it here so you would understand the reason behind my little loft. In 2010, my mom and I lost mos of our belongings in a flotation caused by a hurricane. While I'm totally grateful that we could go out in time with our furry babies, well, the experience left a scar deep inside me. Material things come and go, but every time it rains, my major concern is My Cats and My Dog, if I'm at work, I keep constantly checking twitter to see if there's news about the rivers levels, and so on. I know it's not healthy to live this way, but fear is fear and losing them is one of my biggest fears.
So, what could I do to bring a little peace of mind? I kept wondering over and over until finally I came with the idea, a loft!
My bedroom is tinny, as you must noticed, and I had lots of stuff that I bought over the last four years in a way to replace the things that I lost, but even tho, I know the important things like family pictures can't be replaced, the other stuff was and now I'm happy with my bedroom.
Anyway, the loft came as a blessing for me, the original ideas was to put my mattress there, I know, crazy! but then my bed is really cute, and it was a lucky find! so I couldn't let it go, still the loft was in my mind and i wanted it.
The idea came one of those days in which we had to put our stuff in high, because the lever of the rivers were pretty high and we were scared. The first thing i put on top of my closet was my pc and my movies, so I decided to use the loft for my pc, and it would have enough space for put my movies, but the major reason was that it would be a place where the cats and the dog could climb, just in case. It's been taking a while, but Manta and Berlioz now can climb to the top, and some days when I came from work, I found them sleeping there. Kenji is taking more time, but he can climb to the second step, which is progress since he's so sissy!

Other thing about the loft is that I can have more space for storage, since the steps are big and under the loft itself I put my TV and two little bookcases and the mirror.

 As you can see the pc is pretty high, but I can work perfectly comfortable in my loft!

 I added vinyl on the steps, so this way I can keep clean the wood when I go up

Hope you enjoyed my bedroom tour, have a lovely day!

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