Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Things I Learned from Amelie and Why Is My Favorite Movie of All Times

60, that's the number after it I lost total record of how many times I see Amelie. Sixty Times counted, for real, not an exaggeration like when you say "Oh I saw that movie thousands of times!", not at all, I saw Amelie 60 times before I lost count. Why? you probably wonder, here let me tell you this. Imagine that you, so accustomed to cable and internet, move to a zone, where there's no cable and no internet. A place where local channels don't work properly because the signal is so poor and the walls are pure concrete that intercept the signal, yes, even from your cell phone. What would you do? what would you see?. At that point I was really, really mixed with emotions, because for one side, i was happy, we weren't renting anymore, we were paying for our own place, and that was good. On the other hand I was in a long distance relationship which depended on the internet, and by that time, things were so wrong that I knew it was a matter of time to get over with.
Things were like this. Wake up early, go to work, came back from work, had lunch with mommy dearest and then read a little bit, or sleep or sleep more. So when I was really, and I mean really super down, I decided to watch Amelie. The next day, I did the same. and so on, until I hit 60, after that I lost account. It didn't matter anymore, because thanks to Amelie, I could stand one of the most boring times of my life.
It's been months since the last time I saw Amelie, I'm going to watch it now, but before, here are 10 things I learned from Amely, why i love it so much, and why is my favorite movie of all times.

1. The simplicity and beauty of childhood. It always makes me to remember to look the beauty in the simple things, like finding forms in the clouds, or capture snips of life through my camera. I remember as a kid, that I spent so much time alone, like her, even when I had friends, I used to play alone at home because my parents were working, so I used to invent games to entertain myself. 

2. There's no age for friendship, so embrace those who offer you their love and their friendship!

3. Your parents need you too. They've been for you all the time, probably not your parents, but that special aunt, or uncle or grandparent, who always had been a special presence in your life, a huge support for you, well, they need you too, and probably they don't say it out loud, but there are so many things that you can do to help them one way or another. 

4. Take a moment to indulge yourself!, it doesn't matter how, but remember to stop and take a time for you!

5. Not because you're going to bed alone, there's no reason why you shouldn't wear that pretty gown you own, or smell pretty for yourself
6. Share your blessings with those who need it the most. You can go a week without drinking soda and the money you expend on it, give it to someone that really need it.

7. Dinner (or lunch or breakfast) for one is ok, cook for yourself, eating alone is not so bad!
8. Your home must be a reflection of who you are, and not a catalog like. Quirky things are totally awesome!

9. Do something good for others, something that would make them happy, and don't tell it was you.

10. Enjoy and be proud of your weird sense of style!

*Bonus: This is not from Amelie but from Nino, have an awesome collection or project!


  1. There are so many wonderful things about the movie Amelie! This post has really made me want to go back and watch it all over again!

    Little Lady Little City

    1. Go for it! it's so gorgeous isn't it?


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