Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vanity and North Wall

North Wall, that's how I love to call it, since it's actually pointing North. Every day the sun goes down to the west and a bits of sunlight came through my window, not enough tho, but still...but still the beauty of them is so much appreciated.
The North wall is the first thing you see when you enter my bedroom, a very small bedroom, full with so many things, things that i love dearly because they represent a rebirth, a new beginning, new opportunities,  the rise after the fall. Guess in part that's why I have so many things on it. Yesterday, while I was talking with a student who visits me on the library daily, i told her "I think this is the bedroom that I liked the most", because it's not news how many times I changed it, poor fellow, suffering alteration after alteration, year after year, sometimes twice per year. Not this time, I'm pretty sure that this time is different, because I totally love it.
Part of the Reading Nook is on the North wall, and immediately next to it, is the vanity, which is what I'm going to show you. Hope you don't mind the artificial light, like I said, there so little natural light coming through my window, that I need extra help to illuminate this dungeon.

 If you're wondering why I have two portraits in the form of old typewriters, well, funny story, I got the first one two years ago, and last year, while my bestie James was totally freaking out for work, she saw a typewriter portrait I thought that I would totally love it. Which I did, since I had one already. I didn't tell her that because i didn't want that she felt bad for it, so instead I put a picture with her and mommy dearest that I love in both as a mirrored image. I like the effect. 
The silver portraits have two of my favorites quotes, one is from John Lennon, the other believe it or not is from Twilight, Jacob's quote to be precise.  
 The two pictures of myself, where from when I still had my long hair, after watching Sherlock Holmes, I was playing to reproduce Irene Adler hairstyle

And even when i didn't know her, the woman in that old picture was the woman after i was named, Dulce, my dad's mom, on that picture she was fifteen years old.

Hope you enjoy this little tour, two more to come :) and guess what, I'm at home right now since we had free day from work, yayyy!!!!

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