Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vivian Maier: The Best Selfies I've Ever Seen + My Dream Interview

Think about this for a moment, if you could have the chance to interview someone you really admire, someone who in some way affected your life, who caused you such a curiosity about his/her life, such an admiration for her/his work, What would you ask?
Last night I went to bed thinking precisely on it. What would I ask her?
I didn't though about a specific place, but the person came to my mind as vividly as if I was with an old friend. She would be wearing her typical long skirt and even her hat, and of course she would bring with her her inseparable Rolleiflex.
We would sit down, probably in a little coffee place, like i said, not so sure about the place, or probably we would take a walk on the boulevard, while we felt the breeze in our face and saw the sea moving slowly with our pace. 
What we would talk about? For what I know she was a reserved person, but so am I. But also she loved kids, and lets face it, I'm kind of childish, so probably we could have an easy talk. Probably I would admire her camera and lend her mine, and maybe that way we could break the ice, the uncomfortable Ice that came when you just meet someone. I would be more than honored to take a couple of pictures next to her, saw her in action, admiring her work.
Here I must take a moment to talk about my subject, shouldn't I?, just in case you don't know who Vivian Maier was.
Vivian Maier was a Nanny, yes, just like you read it, she was a nanny and care-giver must of her life, but also, she was a street photographer, before the title was invented, and also a creative self portrait taker.
Her work was found in 2007, two years before she passed away by John Maloof, when he purchased one of Miss Maier boxes in an auction, and later he would collect 90% of her work, about 100,000 negatives.
To read the full story visit here,
 She was known as Mary Poppins with a camera, and what's even more touching, was the love of three of the kids showed her by her late years, when she was broke, and went from homelessness to a little apartment that the Gensburgs helped her to pay.
Her story is such an interesting one, that I highly recommend you visit not only her website, where you can find her gallery which is breath taker, but also, there's a documentary made by John Maloog (who is also in charge of the website) which is now playing in some theaters Finding Vivian Maier.
So if you're wondering what the Selfies has to do with all this, well, here they are a couple of Selfportraits that Vivian took:

Note: All the pictures are part of Maloof Collection, which were part of the negatives of prints he found of Vivian Maier work.

Probably I already know the answer of my own question, I mean, being a guarded person, a reserved one, not knowing a lot of people, that would be a reason right? Still I would ask her Why she kept her art hidden from others? Why don't share it with the world? Is she happy that a lot of people now are admiring her work?


  1. These are beautiful! I really missed your blog Dulce. I have some catching up to do. I hope you're well. :)

    1. Well and Happy for you girl! your ring is gorgeous!!!


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