Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Treasures: Made by Hand / Book Review

The morning is kind of gray, not much sunshine today, but I'm pretty sure that is going to turn on later hours pretty hot. Sometimes that's how it goes, others, the wind came to visit us with its magical sound, bringing everything that can with him. Not today, today there's no wind, just calm, that's how I know that it's going to be hot later.
But right now, the weather is perfect, and gray days for me, bring a thouch of nostalgic that I can't help but enjoy, guess I'm a nostalgic person. What better way to enjoy a gray day than reading. Books are familiar, books are safe, books content so many treasures, and that's precisely what I'm going to share with you today.
I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, probably I did, probably not, but the first time I read about Pia Jane Bijkerk was in a post from Her Library Adventures. To be fair, sometimes one or two posts skip my view, since I follow so many blogs, and others, the bloglovin app makes this silly error duplicating the post, and me marking them as read, later noticing that they were different post on the site, but not on the app. Anyway, back to the post, A Tale of Little Treasures in which Sophie shared something so personal that really got to me, I really recommend you to read it.
In the post, Sophie talked about this wonderful book and how it helped her, My Heart Wanders, and I was curious. A couple of months later the book came to me as a bithday present from my mom, and I there are not words enough to describe the beauty of it.
Little Treasures: Made by Hand was still in the making when Sophie made the post, which I read too late to contribute to the campaign, which closet on February 14, Laly's birthday. Who is Laly? probably you're wondering, well Laly is Pia's daughter, and the owner of all the treasures that are part of the book. 
The book itself is a compendium of all the presents that lovingly came to Pia's way, as a celebration of Laly's birth, and as a tribute to show how grateful and touched Pia was, she decided to create this pretty book. 
The third in her series of Made by Hand books, Little Treasures: Made by Hand is the perfect gift for a new mom, or mom to be, probably it would bring emotions and memories to an old mom too, and to you, as it happened to me, would bring those forgotten memories of my childhood, when I was surrounded by dresses and toys, and stories from their origin. 
I suffered lost in different ways, through moving from home to home, from state to another state. Through flotation, which was the most devastating thing in my life. And still, I was able to recover a couple of treasure that have been with me all my life.
Little Treasures touched me. The beauty of the photography is simply worthy, but the words Pia Jane shares on it are a treasure themselves.

"May love that is both strong and loyal as a rock, and love that is light and magical like butterfly wings protect and transform your journey ahead"


  1. How beautiful and touching! You've compelled me to look for this series :-)

    1. It's really beautiful, Pia Jane seriously writes from the heart!


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