Monday, June 9, 2014

Document your life May and My Happy Project 31-39

May was one of those months in which you are all upside down and while you have awesome moments, a whole week of pain can change your world or at least the way you have been acting about your own body and health.
Well May was really a great month, specially during the weekend of Mother's Day. But silly me, I forgot to take as many videos as I did in the last couple of months that I've been doing Document your life, so this little video had to do. Oh well, I'm going to be more prepare for June, sure thing.

And finally it was split in half, no more blue-red ball for Kenjiato

This particular page made me cry big time, oh silly me, I would cry even more with this book.

Can't stand that silly face of his

They were taking control of my life, one didn't let me move, the other didn't let me take the remote.

The window of the soul...

The day this cutie came, I must take more pics of it, and still test it with film :)

My furry nurse

Not a big fan of fruit but momma cut pineapple for me so I ate all of it

He was trying to take as much space in bed as he could


  1. Awww, your furbabies are too cute!<333
    And happy belated mothers day to your momma! :)
    Hope you're feeling much better too; it's always better for us to eat fruit than drink some unfortunately delicious coke. x)

    1. Thanks Adi! I'm so much better now, and my mom said thanks too.


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