Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Explorations At Home: Pizza Palace

When I was a kid, there was a place that became a novelty, they had a buffet service in which you could eat all the pizza you wanted, and of course there were pasta and salads and fruit, since the pizza was consumed as it was coming from the oven, hot and delicious.
Pizza Palace was very popular, to the point that one of them was in the boulevard and the other downtown. I remember that in one occasion, my mom and I went there alone and eat as much as we wanted, it was a good mom-daughter date, because during those times we fight a lot. So of course it was so sad when we heard it was closed, and sadder to look the state of the place itself.


  1. Although closed down, the structure of it looks so beautiful! I can imagine how delicious the pizza must have been. :9


    1. it was indeed delicious, and sad that places like this had to close, but at least we have the memories :)


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