Friday, June 13, 2014

Favorites on Friday

Friday, lovely day, while you're reading this, I must be waiting in a long line to enter the park, or probably I'm in one of the most exciting games, the carousel -since I'm a big fat chicken-. Whatever the moment I'm living, you must know that I'm having fun, I'm enjoying one of those rare moments in which you truly enjoy your work while you see the happy face of those who are under your care. 
Tomorrow you would see plenty of pictures from this little trip, in the meantime, I wanted to stop by to share with you something very special. 
I'm pretty sure I wrote about this in other time, but can't recall correctly, still, I'm taking a couple of minutes to share with you my experience. 
There was a time when I considered certain persons friends. I gave them my friendship honestly, as I usually do. Friendship is very important to me, so of course when I "adopt" you as a friend, is with all love and honesty. I would make sure to be there for you, you could call me super late, and I wouldn't mind. You could talk to me as much as you can and I would listen to you without judging you. If you have a problem I would help you as best as I can. If someone hurt you, I would take it personal and take your side always, no matter if you are wrong or not, because you are my friend.
Well, that's the kind of person I am, and that's what friendship mean to me. Unfortunately, not all people deserves the same level of friendship. There are people who never had a true friend, people who live surrounded by awful vibes, and their heart is full with bitterness and envy.
Here I have to mention that these persons once did for me something so great, so awesome, that I even considered them part of my family. That huge was my love for them, my loyalty to them, my gratefulness for them.
So of course, since I felt, and still feel, that I would never going to be able to pay them for that kindness they showed to me, in that particular moment of my life, I must remember myself daily that they are not my friends anymore.
How ungrateful and terrible this must be to your eyes, but believe me, I didn't come to this decision by myself. I was forced. Because when those people who once showed you that kind of love, start talking shit about you and your beloved ones, when that people ignore you most of time and don't talk to you unless they need something from you -they feel bad, or they want you to do something for them-, that's when you start noticing that they are not the same friends you once believed they were.
Still, deep in your heart you keep thinking that it can't be true, that you should not hear what others said because they are envious of your friendship, those are only gossips. But the attitude of your "friends" only confirm what you already know.
Because when you are sick, when you are in ER, when you are feeling terribly bad that  you can't even stand up for the pain, and constantly your other friends are checking by text messages how are you, if one of them, leave her lunch hour aside to take you to ER once more, you feel the love of true friends, and the absent and coldness of those who wrote you "hope your fine, btw I need...", you read it write, They Need something from you, they don't care if you are ok or not, they only care for themselves.
Do I feel bad for lose this kind of friendship?, No, I don't, I surely can say that I'm not sad at all because I have true friends who really loves me, and show me their love in so many different ways. Who have been there for me for years, and no matter what, they would be there for me in the years to come, in any kind of way.
I feel sad for those persons who are bitter and envious, because they would never open their hearts to know what true love means, what true friendship means. But I hope, I truly hope that one day those persons leave behind the sadness and awful feelings, and fill their lives with love. 
Maybe you are suffering for something similar, so I wanted to share a really great post that I read this week. I was once again from the awesome Veronica Varlow, and is a great way to know if those who you consider your friends really are. Read it, it could help you to get rid of those who are only filling you with their negative energy!. The Friend Test is its title. 
Also, here's an amazing cover by Christie Dupree, the song is "Believing" which I think is quite properly for this post.

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