Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In which I talk about HEALTH

A whole week has passed since my last post. A whole week, in which I keep thinking over and over in the same subject: Health.
I didn't write this before, not because I didn't want to share what was going on with me, I simply can't. When you are suffering from a lot of pain, even being in bed didn't give the rest you want.
What happened to me last week could probably happen to you, or maybe not, and I really hope it never happen to you, but if these words help you to stop for a moment and think twice about your eating choices, I would be grateful and happy.
First let me put aside all the concepts about a healthy body, all the images you see constantly on TV, magazines, or just searching the web.
Let us forget for a second about the perfect body, the perfect size, the perfect outfit, that's not the point here. Let us forget about overweight, and all those diets you tried before, or those exercise routines you quit without thinking twice about it. Like I said, that's not important right now.
What I'm talking about is so basic, and at the same time so essential. I'm talking about Water, yes, you read it right, WATER!. Do you like it? Do you drink it regularly? Hope you do, because for a time, I didn't. For me, breakfast must be accompanied by a cold one, and I'm not talking about anything with alcohol here, I'm talking about the delicious Coke. A Coca Cola must be ingested during lunch, and dinner without it was so sad!.

But I don't blame the sweet Coke of my problem, I'm not going to talk dirt about something that for so many years was a moment of happiness for me, that's disrespectful, and lame. The problem here wasn't that I was drinking coke, but the way I used to do it.
Here's the deal, I used to drink coke not only during my meals, I used to drink coke all the time. If I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night, I went to the fridge and drank a glass of coke, if i needed to take a pill, i did it with a glass of coke. You get the idea.
But what about water? oh I forgot completely about it. There were days that I didn't drink a single glass of water at all. Oh but I felt so much better adding a little bit of water to my coke, that make it more healthy! Sure thing!.
What's even more, the cardboard juices were a star in the show too. And let us not forget the salt. I used to add salt to my meals even before taste it.
Did I know all those habits were bad for my health? Of course I did, years before I had similar problems, but I didn't care. I was so happy eating and drinking the way I did, in a very irresponsible way. Thinking that since I was feeling ok, I was ok, when the reality couldn't be more far away.
It started as an alert, a small pain on my left side, under my ribs, a pain that went from my back to the front of my body. A pain that I wasn't comfortable standing up or siting. Thank God that day the pain went away, but I knew what it meant it.
The next day for the first time that week, instead of bought juice or a coke, I bought a bottle of Water. Too little too late you must say, and you are totally right. The same day, just before my work hrs ended, the pain came back with a force that I thank God for real, when the doctor was still there and gave me indications. I went to the pharmacy that is in the same block as the place where I work, and drank the pills without thinking twice.
The pain went and I was feeling better, until Monday. Here I must say that the first thought that came to my mind was "At least it had the decency to wait until Criminal Minds ended". Silly joke but at least helped to distracted me for a moment from the pain that took me to ER all the night.
An infection on the urinary track is something you must take seriously. I didn't and ended up on ER, receiving during the rest of the week, and part of this 14 antibiotics shots, and ingesting three different pills every 8 hrs. 
But that's not all, the good news was that I didn't had tracks of a probably kidney stone, but there was something weird on my urine, Protein, 30 gm. 
The doctor was worried, the doctor at school was worried too, the send me more test for next week. Protein in you urine is not good, because it was a signal that my kidney was starting to fail.
Those words made ring the alarm in my mind finally.
How stupid I've been acting, why, why on earth I kept doing that to myself? that's what bother me the most. Why if I already knew I could have problems, I kept eating and drinking what I knew was bad for my body. Or more less eating the irresponsible why I did. Why not take care proper care of my body, and not for beauty or vanity, but for Health. Why do things that are not good for you, and justify your attitude saying that you were happy while eating or drinking, while you thought this is the only life that I'm going to have, why not have a little pleasure.
Well, sometimes little pleasures are not as great as you think. Sometimes little pleasures can take you to the problem I had. 
Why not have pleasure on being healthy, on consume the right food and the right amount of water.
Today, I'm doing it. Today I'm going to enjoy the food without salt that i'm eating, the water and all the fruit that I'm consuming. Today I really enjoy the go to pee because I can do it.
Take care of yourself, love yourself not doing the diet that is so popular to look like someone else, eat responsible to have a healthy body and never, ever suffer from a pain as awful as the one I had to pass to understand this lesson. 


  1. Thank goodness you're doing better! I used to drink coke all the time when I was a teenager! Sometimes in the morning during the weekends, almost every day after school, at night, etc. It wasn't until my mom stopped buying it and I switched to water, at least in the house. Now, water is all I drink; for a good four years! Exercise is still very important though but it's always good to start somewhere in becoming a healthier person. :)


    1. Glad for you girl, water is very important, specially after a huge wake up call as the one i suffered.

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