Friday, June 20, 2014

Little Trip: Six Flags Part II

Oh dear, I just had the most bizarre experience. On my way from home to the bus station rain started, and I mean it was crazy rain!, I'm totally wet from my hips to my feet since the umbrella covered the top part of my body.
When we were half our way to work, there was no rain at all, and here by my work is completely dry. So as you may imagine, i'm shoesless and sockless trying to get dry. Weird weather, bring me sun and no more rain!
Anyway, back to the little trip, one of my favorite attractions was the Ferris Wheel, and this time I made sure to go for a ride on it. The view was spectacular, and even when I was kind of scary for the hide -and my friend making the ferry to move- it was totally wort it. On our way to the Ferris Wheel we took a couple of picture, it was a sad thing that one of my favorite attractions was closed and only was left a little reminder of it. Rest in piece uncle bow-legged!
Oh and forgive my shaky pictures, like I said, highs are not my thing, but I had to conquer my fear, since the view deserved it!


  1. That first photo is hilarious! Love your photos really brings your day at the park to life!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. My bestie is totally rad! thank you so much Allie for stopping by


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