Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Little Trip: Six Flags

Hello there! hope you had an amazing weekend, mine was basically dedicated to rest after the little trip in which I slept one and a half hours. But let me share with you a little bit more about it.
On Thursday, around 10:30pm I left my home in company of one of my co-workers and friend, who was coming with me on the trip. His kids came with us, so of course I was happy. During that day, my best friend Rafael told me that he wouldn't make it to the trip, so of course I was a little sad by the news, but when my dearest Little Star -who is also other best friend of mine- said that she was coming in Rafael's place, I was over the moon with happiness. A good sign for the trip!
So the 5 of us (co-worker, his three kids and myself) arrived at school, and we waited at the library. By midnight my Little Star arrived and of course the chat couldn't wait. It's totally great that co-worker and Little Star knew each other and had a good relationship, so nothing weird or uncomfortable with introductions.
The kids started to arrive at 2am, so we left the library and went to the lobby to wait for them.
The kids were excited, we adults were excited, the parents were worry -like usual-. And then the bus arrived and the kids started to take their places, and us to take ours.
During that night I slept first and hour, then after an hour awake, i slept another half hour, but that was it. I was of course worry for our safety, and spent most of the journey praying. 
The arrived to Mexico city with a good time, but the traffic was totally awful, finally at 10:30am we arrived to the park. Here I must mention that for a lot of kids it was their first time traveling without their parents and their first time to went to Six Flags too, so of course the view from the bus of the place was priceless, because honestly it's pretty awesome.
The day came and went, I spent most of the time walking, checking on the kids, more walking, and enjoying the food and a couple of attractions, ok, I confess, I totally enjoyed the Carousel, and I took so many pictures of it, because I love it!!!.
Of course I'm going to share a few pictures that I took during the trip, and the Carousel must have its own post, but for today, just a couple from the road and the first things we saw.

Not every day you can see pretty trees and mountains and volcanoes on your road
Wish I could take a better picture of this, but you see the volcano covered with snow? It was so pretty!!


  1. This place looks so cute! My husband was in San Antonio a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it!

    1. It's pretty cool, specially when there's a nice weather, Mexico city usually is clouded and gray, but apparently we bring the sun with us :)


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