Monday, June 30, 2014

My Happy Project 51-58

Oh Monday, how is it possible that you came so quickly? one moment I was in a co-workers lunch, having a really great time, and then boom! you appear. Oh well, what would I do without you sweet Monday? Even when you mean that a new week of work is starting, I'm embracing you today with My Happy Project since I can't recall watching any good movie during the weekend, in fact I just watched a marathon of Charmed and finished a really good book (review of it pretty soon).

My gorgeous girl, look at that face!

kind of like this self portrait

Probably you saw this one already but it makes me so happy!

Little star came to visit me and we were playing with double camera app

Since my lap charger stopped working, i need to use the pc, and apparently she's not so happy with me using the loft, "Her" Loft

Kenji noticed that I was making fun of him doing the same faces, and he got mad at me and went out of bed, he refuses to look at me for half an hour!!

Saturday was a very tense day, I took my three babies to get their shots and after losing my sweet Lauro for an allergic reaction to a shot, well, every year I took my babies for their shots is a nightmare to me. They are ok, thank God, but I was so worry all day, that even at night I woke up a couple of times to check on them

Kenji pretending to be a ghost!

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