Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Holga Film, a total failure

If you own a toy camera, you probably know the rule, I knew the rule, but in my excitement to take my new and shiny Holga to my little trip to Cordoba last March, I skipped one important step. I packaged my digital camera, made sure the battery was charged, took a little notebook with a pen just in case I wanted to take some notes. Check that my ID and bus tickets were in place. My walled, i made sure I took enough money with me, sunscreen, and of course my Best Friend's present. But never, ever occurred to me to check if I changed the mode on my toy camera. The night before while I was playing around with it, I remember testing the buttons, but what I totally forgot was to put them as they had to be. Rocky mistake, totally sad mistake.
It was until I was looking at the manual to find out how to take off the film that I remembered, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and checked the camera, just for get a confirmation of what I already knew, the camera was in B instead of N, B! which is only used for pictures at night.
So I took the film to develop, hoping for the best. The best was a couple of blurry pictures, but still, I thought about sharing them. The first one is the clearest, but the once of the trees are my favorites:

And you want to know the worst part? I did the same mistake with my Diana Mini, oh well, still have a couple of unused film to play around, and two other cameras that need to be tested.

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