Thursday, July 3, 2014

Little Trip: Six Flags Last Part

Saving the best for the last! Ok, ok, the whole trip was a blast but I was so excited to see this gorgeous once more. I love the Carousel so much!
So of course a ride on it was mandatory. My friend laughed so hard when I told her that I must need to ride my white Racehorse.
Of course the first time wasn't what I expected since the under part was full and the only places were on the second floor, the guy attending the game said it was the first time someone didn't want to ride on the second floor, so my friend said yes, and to the second floor we went.
The view was great and of course I enjoyed the ride, but the second time was even better because I could choose the white racehorse I wanted, the bigger one! 
As you can see my little star was shinning, and since she call me sunshine, I had to share some light too!.
Hope you enjoyed this installment as much as I did. More explorations to come from my hometown!

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