Monday, July 21, 2014

Maleficent: my big disappointment

By the title you know that Maleficent wasn't what I was expecting at all!. But let me tell you a little bit more about it. First I'm not going to deny that the costume and the magic worked perfectly, it was a pretty movie in the eye if you ignore the fact that it was the story of one of the biggest villains that Disney had ever show in its movies.
I remember as a kid, the first time I saw Sleeping Beauty, how terrified and at the same time fascinated I was by Maleficent, for Christ Sake she transformed into a DRAGON!-yes all in caps and all-. So of course when I heard that Disney was making a movie about this magnificent character I was beyond excitement. And then the trailer, and then the wonderful song by Lana del Rey which gave it an even more darker aura. I was static!.
My mom, who is most of the time my partner in crime, and who went with me to most of the Harry Potter's movie releases, same as most movies that I really love took me to see this one. And that's what I really enjoyed, not so much the movie itself.
I'm not so sure why, but I keep wondering WHY DISNEY, WHY?, why would you do that? Why would you ruin one of the best villains and turned into a softy?
Ok, ok, not everything was that, really, it wasn't, but here are a few facts that really cause me so much pain.
Maleficent/Stephan: while I really enjoyed to see Maleficent as a little girl (not thinking in my sweet villain at all), it totally disappointed me that the reason of her evilness was something so lame as being betrayed for a man! Come on!, couldn't they think in something more darker, something more to the level of evilness the first Maleficent showed?
Aurora: the girl who played Aurora is pretty, really a pretty girl, but couldn't the character be more annoying?, I mean the 90% of her performance was she smiling.
Aurora was indeed a happy girl, but she had so much personality and charisma, not only spent her life smiling like a goofy
Phillip: ok, here I must say that Phillip and Eric (little mermaid) are the most handsome princes that Disney created (I mean the draw, not the character per se), but this boy, oh my! not that handsome at all.
There's no chemistry at all, no wonder she never woke up.
not to mention that Aurora had more fine features, Maleficent was more thin that her.

But I would totally forgot most of it if it wasn't for the three annoying characters I've never seen before!
Come on Disney!, after created the best fairies of all, you gave us the most annoying of all.

I'm seriously afraid of what they are going to do with the Little Mermaid, and I really, really hope they don't destroy another of my favorite characters.
If you are a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty, I wouldn't recommend this movie at all, actually, I'm going to pretend  that I never saw it.
The only thing that really went to my heart is the song. So perfect!

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  1. I didn't like it either, for the same reasons you pointed out and some others as well. I really hope they don't even try to do anything with The Little Mermaid anymore! -_____-


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