Monday, July 28, 2014

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Swedish or American?

A couple of years ago, my bestie told me about the books, of course when I heard all that she told me, I needed to read them, and to read them pronto!, thankfully it was holiday time, and I spent three days without sleeping reading one after the other. When the books were over, I felt an emptiness that I can't describe, I wanted to get lost in Stockholm streets and get lost in Lisbeth Salander world. So of course I found myself searching more and more, until I discovered the movies, the three movies!, so instantly I must have the and watch them over and over. My mom saw them too, my dad saw them too, I even loan them to another friend and her family saw them too. We simply loved them. Noomi Rapace became one of my favorite actresses. But then rumors started, and then became a reality, an American version was coming out and I had my reservations, to be totally honest I wasn't so sure that I was bring myself to watch it, then again I decided to go for it, and OMG, I'm still deciding which I loved the most. Even when they are based in the same book, and both are faithful to it, there are lots of differences between one and another.

First let us start with Lisbeth Salander herself, I personally think that Noomi looks beautiful in the character, and Mara gave it a more fragil, look, guess that's why I loved Noomi on it. 

The Dragon tattoo!, even when I like more the one on Mara, the size in Noomi was more impressive.

And then we have the situation with the disgusting ward.

The revenge scene,  I prefer the Swedish version, I mean, both were really great, but while in the American was too fast, I loved the fact that in the Swedish, Lisbeth let the whole video to play with low volume and after it ended she went back and made the tattoo, while in the American she mute the tv and then start tattooing him. The Swedish I think is best because she forced him to watch what he really did and forced him to imagine what else she has prepared for him.
Mikael Bloomsvit well both did an excellent job, but the American was more handsome of course!

Henrik Vagner, I must admit that I loved more the American version, just because the actor is one of my favorites.

About Martin (and the rest of the family) I must admit that I can't chose between the Martins, since both were absolutely sick and fantastic
But I was more afraid of the whole Swedish family, specially Isabella, she has more presence than the American, same with Cecilia
not to mention Harriet herself, the Swedish was gorgeous, while the American was so dull
One thing that I really liked from the American version was Mikael daughter presence, more like the book, I must admit.

But which one is best? well BOTH!!!!, I love them both, and I couldn't chose between one or another, and I really hope they do the second and third movies since the Swedish were awesome too. 

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