Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Preacher / Book Review

In the fishing community of Fjällbacka, life is remote, peaceful, and for some, tragically short. Foul play was always suspected in the disappearance twenty years ago of two young campers, but their bodies were never found. But now, a young boy out playing has confirmed the grim truth. Their remains are discovered alongside those of a fresh victim, sending the tiny town into shock.

Local detective Patrik Hedström, expecting a baby with his girlfriend Erica, can only imagine what it is like to lose a child. When a second young girl goes missing, Hedström's attention focuses on the Hults, a feuding clan of misfits, religious fanatics and criminals. The suspect list is long but time is short—which of this family's dark secrets will provide the vital clue?

Book two of the Patrik Hedström saga, and once more, I couldn't put the book down. But not everything was as great as book 1. While the Ice Princess from time to time annoyed me with the sisters situation between Erica and her sister Anna -who was abused by her husband-, The Preacher add more annoyance on this front. Erica went from a curious and useful inquisitive person who was trying to got over from the grief she was feeling after losing her parents -more her dad than her mom-, at the same time fighting against her awful brother in law who wanted to sold the house were she and Anna grew up, and bring herself to write a book about the murder of her childhood friend, to a pregnant woman, without a bit of intelligence, who only sit watching reality programs and accept people over to her house to become the perfect hostess while she was feeling like crap. Honestly in moments like this I wanted to slap her, and don't read anything that had to do with Erica.
On the other hand, the story itself, the discovery of the murder and two other bodies, while another girl disappears without a trace, and the investigation itself involving the Hult family and their secrets was perfect! I couldn't keep my eyes of those moments in which you discovered more and more about the past of these characters and how things turned out.
Once more I had a huge hunch with this book, and was pleased to be miscarried of my theory and then retake what I thought at first.
It was a really well written book, and like the first book, it didn't disappointed you in the bizarre development of events.
Four stars of Five.

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