Monday, August 4, 2014

Kenji goes to the Beach

I'm not going to lie here, as a kid, living in Sunny Hell, every single Sunday my dad took us to the beach. I recall enjoyed those moment, and had fun. But then we moved away, and the opportunities to go to the beach were less and less frequent. For some reason I started to lose interest on it, and finally I decided that I didn't like it anymore. 
When we moved back to Sunny Hell, my love for the beach was totally gone, and I recall perfectly well how many time I went to the beach to sunbath or play in the water: NONE! I tried once when Kenji was little, but most of the time he sat in my lap and went neither close to the water. 
A couple of days ago I told mommy dearest that I wanted to take him to the beach, and since holiday break was coming we agree to go. She invited my dad, and when her friend told us that she was coming to visit us, we saw the perfect opportunity.
Yesterday was the day, and of course we took Kenji with us. At first he wasn't so sure about it. The sand was weird for him, and the moment he felt the water wasn't the best, he didn't refused to go in, but had his reservations. 
In the end, he swam just a couple of minutes, walked a lot with me, and sat on my lap looking at the people and just enjoying the moment. He wasn't afraid (I put my hand to feel his heart and was normally bumping), he wasn't anxious at all, and the best part, he's not the annoying type, you know, those who spent all the time barking, he didn't bark at all, he was friendly and lovely!

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