Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Drowning / Book Review,

Rating: ★★★
Book six on Patrik Hedström saga by Camilla Lackberg and Oh My God! It was good, really good.
After Erika found out more about her mother's past, her now family status had changed a little more, she's once more pregnant. Something that at first I didn't like, -just remembering her role in the second book, the Preacher, gave me the chills- but I was glad while I read more and more. She kept her inquiring self at top, and became less annoying like in her previous pregnancy, even when she still acted kind of childish and silly when she was with her now pregnant sister.
Patrik's paternal leave had ended and he had been involved in a case that left him worry, the dissapearing of a local man, Magnus, and the fact that there was no apparent reason for him to go without a trace since he loved his family deeply and never cheated to his wife, who every wednesday went to the police station to ask Patrik if they found something about her husband.
At the same time Erika is excited since her "friend" Christian, from the library, finally got published his first book, the mermaid, thanks to Erika of course, who helped him with the edition of the manuscrip and recommended him with her editor.
So Christian's big day arrives, Erika is with him since she's going to make the introduction and ask him a couple of questions in the launch of "The Mermaid", when the editor arrives with a bouquet of flowers and a note in white paper and wrote in black ink. After reading the note, Christian faints, leaving them with a lot of questions, especially Erika, who wants to know what's going on, and would do all in her power to find out.
The story involves four friends, Christian, of course, Magnus, Kenneth and Erik, and a dark secret from their past.
What i loved about the book once more is the flashback at the beginning of the chapters, reveling more and more about One of the characters past.
I really enjoyed the new role of Mellberg, even when I would appreciate more less descriptions about how to change a nappy
What i didn't like was the fact that Martin Molin once more appears as the rocky and he felt insecure, which really distracted me since in the previous book he was practically in charge of the investigation, and he's been working with Patrik since book one, demostrating his value, the rocky thing here, i don't get it.
Once more I'm not going to reveal much about the story, but let me tell you this, if the previous books surprised me at the end, this once shocked me! That good the end was, so highly recommended if you enjoy psychological thrillers. You can get it here!

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