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The Hidden Child / Book Review

Rating: ★★★
Book number five on Patrik Hedström saga by Camilla Lackberk. I'm still mot so sure that i loved this book as much as the previous ones but still the story was interesting enough to keep me reading and reading until very late every night.
By the end of book four, Erika discovered a few objects inside a chest in the attic, a chest that evidently belonged to Erika's mother. The objects that caused her more curiosity? A child's t-shirt with rusty spots, three diaries, and a Nazi medal which was raped in the child's t-shirt. In an attempt to discover more about her mother's past and find out about why the woman who supposed to love her was so cold and distant, Erika decided to dig in Elsy's past, at the same time she works in a new book, but her work was affected by the death of an history retired teacher who specialized in the Second World War. Erika went to see him at the beginning of June to find out more about a Nazi medal she discovered in Elsy's chest. 
Erik, the historian was found death in his house by a couple of boys who broke in the house trying to have a look in Erik's collection of Nazi artifacts. What's totally disturbing is the state of Erik's body, apparently it's been months since he died, and the police quickly discovered that he was murdered by a huge mark on his head. Here i'm not going to lie, I was pretty confuse that they noticed that with simple view since the body was in a terrible state by decomposition but well, let us just pass that.
When Erik's brother, Axel, is informed he immediatly went back to Sweden and was interrogated by Martin Molin (the rocky police who was of great help in the previous books and investigations) and Paula, the new detective of the station.
At this point I have to say that for moments I struggled with Patrik position in this book. He was in a paternal leave, in charge of Maja (his and Erika's daughter) and all the house keeping, but at the same time he's so curious about the investigation, and tried to help from time to time since he needs to be in the grown up world. Another thing that I still can't understand is the fact that his ex wife returns and now they became friends and go for walks with their kids (Karin has a boy same age as Maja).
The book has lots of elements, from a Nazi fanatic (Frans), a Nazi criminals hunter (Axel), and a sweet old lady who suffers from Alzheimer, and who in some point was Elsy's best friend. 
Here's what I liked about the book:
1. Elsy's diaries and frlashbacks through her past and the people who were related to her (Erik, Franz, Brita, Hans and Axel)
2. Erika's role in this book, in which she's not a pregnant/newly mom/kind of annoying person, but a more inquisitive and intelligent woman, more like in book one, The Ice Princess
3. Mellberg new relationship with Ernst, and Rita
4. The story itself and the secret that involved Elsy and her friends
What I liked less (not totally disliking the book for it or made me hate it)
1. The still ridiculous relationship between Anna and Erika, they act sometimes so silly that really get to my nerves
2. Patrik trying to be the know-it-all when he should have assume a secondary role since he was on paternal leave.
Totally recommend this book if you enjoy psychological thriller, and if you want to buy this book go here!

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