Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Stonecutter / Book Review

Rating: ★★★
The third installment of Patrik Hëdstrom saga was beyond words absolutely great. This is something that happened in book 2, The Preacher, and in book 1, the Ice Princess, at the beginning of every chapter there was an introduction or the sort, and while in book  2 was the point of view of the girls who were kidnapped, in this one tells a story, a story that would leave you with the blood cold when you get to the last part, well, actually during the whole story you get more and more amazed by human nature.
In this book, Patrik has to solve another murder, but this time is really one of the most awful since involve a little girl.
I'm not going to even bother to mention Erica-Anna part on this book since once more I can't describe the annoyance they caused me, but focusing on the story and the investigation, oh dear, what a terrific book this one is.
A fisherman discover a body and call the police, for the state of the body, he knew that it wasn't be on the sea for so long. When the police arrived Patrik had a terrible feeling specially when he notices that the little girl was the daughter of Erica's new friend, Charlotte. What looked like an accident, turned to be more disturbing when the forensic reveals that the water in the girl's lungs is tap water and no seawater. 
There's a lot on this book, from murder, betrayal, childhood traumas, and complete evilness. 
I could talk about this book all long, because honestly is that good, but I don't want to spoil it for you in case you want to read it, but one thing I can tell you, you honestly should read it, and Agnes story! Oh Dear Lord!!!!

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