Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Stranger / Book Review

Rating: ★★★
The fourth novel in the Patrik Hedström saga by Camilla Läckberg, The Stranger also known as The Gallows Bird. Personally I prefer the new title, specially if you go deep in the story. Once more the story is situated in the picturesque town Fjälbacka, from were Patrik and Erika were born. The story focused in a weird car accident in which a local woman was killed. The level of alcohol in her blood is pretty high, and the forensic determined that she probably died before "the accident" which lead to a murder investigation.
Patrik goes to the crime scene in company of the new detective, Hannah, who recently moved to the town with her husband, a psychologist who would be working with the cast of a new reality show that would be filmed in the town. Hannah had been working in different places, according to her to gain more experience and one day be chief. But there's something mysterious about Hannah, something about her past and her marriage that would keep you wondering.
During a party with the cast of the reality show in which alcohol has been the star, a second murder happened, this time, one of the girls from the reality show.
Detective Patrik is forced to focus most of his time in the girl's investigation, but there was something about the first murder that left him uneasy, specially after he knew from family and friends that the victim didn't drink, and even more when they found tape residues around the woman's mouth. There's something more, a page of the a very old book, Hansel and Gretel.
The investigation would lead to a really creepy story, back to 25 years.
While I was reading the book, lots of questions keep coming to my mind, I had a general idea who could be the possible suspect, but like with the other books, I was quite amazed by the end.
Also, I avoided to mention once more Erika-Anna relationship and presence during the book, because those two really get to my nerves sometimes, but at the end of the book Erika made a discover that bring lots of questions and caught my curiosity, making me read the next book almost after finished this one, but I won't tell you more until next week.
Highly recommend The Stranger to those who enjoy a great psychological thriller, also you can found it here.

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