Monday, September 22, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil / Movie Review

Last Thuesday, mommy dearest and I had a free day (celebration of the Independence day, thank you!!!). We didn't had a specific plan for the day, just go to the mall, see some pretty things, and that's it. Before we left, I decided to check what was on the movies, just in case, you know. I had in mind "If I Stay" but time wasn't in our favor, the movie was on at 4pm and by that time we would be back home -I'm talking here that we left our house at 9:40am-.
Anyway, when we arrived to the mall, around 10:30, the first movie was "Deliver us from Evil" at 11:20 or "Gutentag Ramon" at 11:40, which my mom mentioned she wanted to see a couple of weeks before. I left the decision to her, and she -as usual- choose to make me happy and the movie of the day was Deliver Us From Evil.

Dear Lord, I know that I wanted to see the movie for Eric Bana -who really, really looked extremely handsome!- and I was curious by Edgar Ramirez -OMG!-, but the movie, the story, totally freaked me out.

There's something that got to my nerves every single time that I read "Based on a True Story" that seriously made me unease, probably because what I'm about to watch truly happened to real people like you and me, probably because it make you realize that even if you are not a religious person, those kind of things happen, there's evil, and there's good, and there's something more around us. 

Did I scream? like crazy. The movie was good, really good, and the story behind it, honestly scared me, there were moments in which I had to cover my eyes, and yes, I had nightmares that night. I mean, not all the movie you're going to be at the edge of your seat, specially at the beginning, you can relax and even enjoy handsome Eric Bana, but the moments in which they more close to the subjects in the case, OMG, specially the one above, those moments were really tense, and truly scared me.
I honestly can say that I recommend this movie to those who enjoy of religious/demonic/true story/suspense movies, I'm not placing it in horror, because like I said, even when I was scared in some moments, the movie can be enjoyed without constant screams. 

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