Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Made a Bookshelf + A New Resolution

Probably you know this, probably not (if you are new on this blog). I love books, I totally love them with all my heart. The thing is that I don't own many books, at least not in print version, I'm a huge fan of ebooks, but print editions had been in my heart a little longer. The problem is that in 2010 I lost all of them, all those precios and treasured books that were important to me. Lost them, trash them, went to the gargabe like if the did't have a value. In 2010 a flotation took them away from me, and here I'm talking of hardcover first edition of Harry Potter (for which I cried).
I am grateful that my furry babes were ok, and every single day I'm grateful for that. But I'm not going to lie here, even when I wasn't sad for most of the things that I lost -which was pretty much everything in my bedroom plus some of my mom's stuff, and all my childhood pictures- I can't deny that if I cried in that moment it was only for my books. The moment I saw my neighbor trashing them with a hammer to realese them from the bookshelf I felt a piece of me went with those treasured books. Still I didn't cried until it was over.
We worked hard, and even when we thought we would have a sad Christmas, it wasn't like that. I had one of my favorite Christmas that year, and also, I gave myself a pretty present. A book. I bought the most pretty book I found on the bookstore, and even when I didn't know what was it about, I knew I had to have it. The story was pretty good, and I was very glad for my purchase. (Sepulchre by Kate Mosse)
In 2011 I was so glad when I finally had in my hands my Kindle, and since them, I've been an ebook fan.
Finally a couple of weeks ago, with the discovery of The Book Depository, I finally saw it clear. I love book, and it's hard to find books in english here in Sunny Hell, or if you find them, they are quite expensive. And then this amazing site offers great books, awesome prices and boom! Free delivery!!!!
So of course I made my mind. I don't win lots of money, and evey cent that I win is with hard work, but even though, I can adjust my budget, I can keep working hard no matter what, but one day I'm going to have a bookshelf fill with print books from top to bottom.
That's my goal, that's the collection that I want to start, a collection not of lost books, -which probably I'm going to purchase in new editions since I'm a little bit supersticious-, but with books that I love, that I've been discovery, that I probably read on ebook version, or that I'm dying to read.
And for start this new step, I needed a bookshelf itself, since the one that I have is so small. So I went to find the perfect one, but there's something weird about the people who sell bookshelf, they don't understand, they made bookshelfs with the same space between one shelf and the other, and they are not the size of books at all but bigger, so there's a lot of space waste. Plus they are expensive!
Instead of get one of those awful bookshelfs, I decided to make one, and I mean made a silly design, go to Home Deapot to buy the wood, ask for the precise cuts, bring the wood at home and start from scratch taking measures, working with the hammer and other tools, and finally see the product of my hard work.
So here it is, this is the beginning of a new goal, the beginning of a new dream.

And also I made a small one which probably would serve for camerashelf!

Since I already created my channel on youtube which I intend to use more frequently, here's a little video of the process on making my bookshelfs:

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